Music = society.

I reviewed the world in This Week’s New Tracks for the Guide, featuring FKA Twigs (above). 

Small Talk - Four Tet remix, taken from Ultraísta's Remix album.

I interviewed Radiohead’s 6th member and one of the world’s greatest producers, Nigel Godrich for Guardian Film & Music. We met in a cafe in central London a few weeks before his band Ultraísta released their fantastic new remix albumI’ve always wanted to meet Nigel, more so than the musicians he works with - he holds so many secrets in that mind purse of his. Although exhausted, he was brilliant to talk to, so much so there was a 20 page transcript that followed; a task so fiddly and long-winded that it nearly reduced me to tears as the impending deadline galloped towards me. 

Few things I couldn’t fit into the feature:

- He doesn’t go on holiday

- He’s not into football

- He hates the sax

- That was sax, not sex

- We had to move tables because a woman near us was talking really loudly and he was not into the sound of her voice

Here’s the piece!


I went to former Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg’s house in North London and he made some nice coffee and let me have a poke around his house. He was fairly resistant when it came to actually discussing music - he now makes music under the name Hebronix - so we did end up talking about a lot of stuff that I just couldn’t use, such as the beauty of filing cabinets and how he has a strong dislike for one of his pot plants. 

The full interview with this strange 23 year old who’s released five debut albums and hates being told what to do by his record label, man, was published in Guardian Film & Music. It is also online here.